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The Root Kit

The Root Kit

$ 925.00


This is our most popular board to date. A classic semi performance 9’ noserider. Everyone needs one of these boards in their quiver. The Root features a moderate rocker, slight hollow in the nose and softer rails throughout. Perfect for those mushy knee to head high beach breaks. Smooth and fast.

 Finished Board Specs

9′x 23″x 3″

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Every Grain Home Grown Surfboard kit comes with all the components that go into the board including machine-cut keel and frames, top and bottom planks, rail strips, fin box, glue, epoxy, fiberglass, mixing buckets, gloves, instruction manual, etc. These kits are designed to be built by anyone with the room to to do it. Previous wood working experience is helpful, but not necessary. All you need is the ability to follow written directions and a little patience.

Some things you’ll need are not included in the kit – but most of it should be available locally. Hand tools and supplies are available here in the store as well.  The included manual shows how to make a simple rocker table from basic materials you can obtain locally (a rocker table forms the board to the correct rocker).  You can buy a precision cut rocker lift set right from us, too - see our Tools and Supplies section. It also helps to have a 4 to 6 bar clamps for assembling the top and bottom planks, but simple wood wedges could be used as well.

Please allow 3 weeks for delivery from the time your order is placed. 

Note: Due to its length, this kit requires freight service rather than normal small package service. Rates can vary between $150- $350 depending on your location in the continental US, higher for international orders. To move forward with an order, complete your order process here for just the kit and we’ll contact you with a shipping quote. If at that time, you decide it’s too much, we can simply refund you the kit price. Otherwise, contact us at info@grainsurfboards.com with the kit of your choice and all of your shipping information and we’ll get back to you with a shipping quote.