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Grain Surfboards

The Radicle

The Radicle

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  • This board is available in our 'Original Construction'. Custom Board Price Starts at $2250.
  • This board is not available as a home build option. However you can choose to build it in a private workshop with us in Maine. 

Build this board in a Workshop

Named after the first rootlet to emerge from a germinating seed, we think of the Radicle as a next-gen surfboard. Its design sprouts from a blend of pro free-surfer Dave Rastovich’s style and our continuing quest to evolve wood board construction methods.  The flat V in the tail gives excellent high-speed response, quick to slice big, deep lines across the faces of hollow dredgers like those at Pipeline and Backdoor.
  • Finished Board Specs
  • 6'9" x 18 1/4" x 2 1/2" 


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