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The Fantail

The Fantail

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  • This board is available in our 'Original Construction'. Custom Board Price Starts at $2800.
  • This board is not available as a home build option. However you can choose to build it in a private workshop with us in Maine. 

Build this board in a Workshop

This “pig” surfboard type carries its less-than-flattering name in honor of its outline. A heritage board that looks unusual today, it was at one time found on every beach in California. The “pig” needed some new justice, and for subtlety of design, there was no better input to be found than that of pig-master Gene Cooper of Cooperfish Surfboards. We coupled his advice with the piggiest, old-school Velzy outline we could manage.

Along with the narrow nose, wide-point well behind center and flattish rocker that keeps the speed on pig-aficionados love that the hippy outline and slight belly make it turn like no other longboard. Our advice to longboarders: get the board and cast curls before swine.


  • Finished Board Specs
  • 9'9" x 22″x 3 1/8″ / Volume 75.55 L
  • 9'2" (more specs to come)


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