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5'10" Waka GreenRail Construction

5'10" Waka GreenRail Construction

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Holding true to a traditional fish shape inspired by its founder Steve Lis, the Waka combines speed with a classic ride. Skatey, loose, and lively, it loves racing down the line or carving around softer surf that would be a struggle on most shortboards. The Waka is a shop favorite for the same reason the fish shape has never gone out of style—it’s so darn fun!

The design of the Waka focuses planing capability and speed generation in a small package. A wider outline makes up for lack of length, allowing this fish to be ridden shorter than most other shapes. The flatter rocker overall and minimal bottom contours maximize planing surface and reduces drag. Its thickness is carried through to the rails, paired with a wide tail for increased buoyancy and stability. Softer, forgiving rails up front transition to a crisp release rail out the tail to keep this fish zipping along. Designed for twin keel fins.

This board was built by John here in our York Maine shop and features super clean beautiful northern white cedar planks with our GreenRail Construction (100% recycled PET rails). Buy it now and we'll reach out to arrange local pick up or shipping options to get it to you.  



Finished Board Specs

    • 5’-10” x 21 3/4” x 2 3/4” / Volume 39.5 L

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