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Little Black Wheels DVD

Little Black Wheels DVD

$ 35.00

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We were delighted to work with Mick Waters on his new film Little Black Wheels and now, to offer it here. We sent two boards to Mick and Dave Rastovich in Australia for this project and they ended up being surfed by some amazing surfers including Rasta, Johhny Abegg, and Nick Chalmers.  

The film is the story of Mick and his wife and daughter heading out on a five-month life-renewing road trip around Australia where they visit some totally unique surfers, shapers and craftsmen and hear their stories.  In between fascinating interviews, there is frame after frame of beautifully filmed surfing accompanied by great music. It's a refreshing film that's about the unusual people that live for surf, how they fold it into their lives and their values.  This isn't a surf-porn, pump-up motivational film - just the opposite: it's a contemplative and soulful examination of what it means to live this life.

Our favorite segment is a clever montage of Beau Young surfing to one of the kid's songs that he writes and performs. The Extras are loaded with some cool stuff including a short promo featuring Grain that Mick did for us. We love this film and can recommend it completely.


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