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Keel and Frame Sets

Keel and Frame Sets

$ 250.00

We're proud to offer our complete line of surfboard kit designs as keel and frame sets. These frame sets offer a great way to start the process of building your own board, whether you're looking to use that leftover decking sitting in your garage or are just wanting an inexpensive way to dip your toes into the process. 

Each frame set includes full-scale keel and frame, CNC cut and numbered from 1/4" marine ply, nose and tail templates, construction detail notes, plus a 46 page instruction manual that covers the high points of the building process, including dims to mill your planks and rails to. Break the frames out and assemble them by number and you're off and running. 

Please note that starting with a frame set alone is not for everyone. We believe those who will be most successful are people who already know how to build a board of this style, have tools and understand how to use them and are pretty self reliant through the process. If you are simply looking for the surfboard shape defined by the frame set, this and the accompanying instruction manual should be enough for you to build a great board to our design.

For those of you that haven't built a board like this before, and are unsure of your skill level, we’d recommend you start with a complete HomeGrown Kit which includes all of the materials you need to build a board plus a 170 page step by step instruction manual.  

If you purchase the frame set and then decide that this is more than you're willing to bite off, we'll even credit $125 of the purchase price towards a full HomeGrown Kit. We'll send you the full kit, minus the frame that you already have. Just give us a call to place the order. 

Note: These frame-sets are included in our HomeGrown Kits