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Grain Booster Blanks

Grain Booster Blanks

$ 1,000.00

So you don't think you have the space, time or skills to build a board from scratch using a Grain HomeGrown Kit? No worries - now you can get a wood board blank assembled by the same craftsmen that build our custom wood boards here in Maine.  It's a leg-up as we say here... a little assist that gets you almost all the way to a complete board.  You still trim, shape and sand the board using helpful markings we place on the blank.  You still glass it and install finboxes and other hardware using the included materials (glass, epoxy, hardware, mixing cups, gloves, squeegees, etc).  To help you along, we'll include the chapters from the Builder's Manual that you'll need including almost fifty pages with the most detailed glassing instructions you're likely to find anywhere.

It'll take us about eight weeks to build and ship your blank.  UPS Ground shipping for Booster Blanks varies depending on your location. ALWAYS INCLUDE YOUR PHONE NUMBER AND EMAIL IN THE ORDER’S MEMO FIELD

Sales tax will be added to all blanks delivered in Maine, and shipping quotes will be provided to you as the board nears completion. Return to this page using the “Build my Blank” link found on board pages for which we offer blanks.