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Gore-Tex Vent and Housing

Gore-Tex Vent and Housing

$ 28.00

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We’ve been using these gore-tex vents in our custom boards for a few years now. Installed properly, they let air pass through, but not water, allowing air pressure in the board to equalize with the atmosphere.

Vents are manufactured to a high standard by WL Gore. Installation can vary from board to board and it’s up to each builder to work out their own installation. The housing is installed into the board much like traditional screw-in vent housing. The difference is, when installing the vent you need to use a 9/32” socket instead of a screwdriver.  Once in place they are strong and safe.  We recommend replacing the vent every year or so with a fresh one.

Warning- These vents are fragile before they are installed and are a little trickier to install than the screw-in variety. Use care and caution when installing and be sure the socket you use is fully engaged on the vent and that the o-ring on the vent is compressed onto the housing.