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*Special* 5-Day Glider Workshop in York Maine

*Special* 5-Day Glider Workshop in York Maine

$ 2,000.00

With your own two hands. Making a wooden surfboard by hand is quite a rewarding experience! Join us at our shop as we guide you through the creation of your very own glider. In this workshop, each student will build their own Albatross model, choosing between the 10'2", 11'2" and 12'2" sizes. 

Five days in, beautiful board out. The 5-day class is a more immersive experience than our 4-day workshops. We'll take the week to cover each stage from picking planks to final sanding, and you'll only share the instructor with one other student. We begin with selecting your own planks, setting up your rocker table and gluing down the frame. From there you'll glue up the rails, join the top planks, then shape and sand your board so it's fully ready for fiberglass. 

More than a board, it's an experience. Come to learn new woodworking skills, because you already love working with wood, or because those typing fingers are yearning to handle a real tool. Come for the experience of working beside Grain's board builders at our shop in Maine just a block from the beach. Come to make memories with new friends, or bring your own friends and family. Finally, come to BUILD YOUR OWN SURFBOARD!

No skills, no problem. Students are guided through the entire process with full use of our shop and tools. Perfect for those of you who want to make your own board but don't want to take on another project at home, or don't have the space, tools, or confidence to get the job done right.

What's included. Workshop tuition includes all the materials for your very own glider, personal instruction, and use of all the tools you'll need to build your board. Choose your size, plus pick your own plank design! Glassing IS NOT included in this class, though materials do include fiberglass, hardware and resin so that the board can be glassed at home. We offer glassing and shipping services for an extra charge.

COVID precautions. We plan to comply with current Maine state protocol for business operations. Sign-ups will be limit to 4 students so we can spread out in the shop and have separate tools for each person. No food will be provided, and masks are required. If you are traveling from out of state, please refer to Maine CDC travel guidelines