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Channel Islands Board Deposit

Channel Islands Board Deposit

$ 800.00

Grain Surfboards is honored to partner with Channel Islands Surfboards and legendary shaper Al Merrick in offering select sizes of the Biscuit as a Grain board made of locally grown northern white cedar.

Custom Built Board
with fin boxes….........$2350
with tri glass-on fins…$2550

Each board is custom built after you order, and most boards are ready within sixty days. To order, get into our queue with an $800 deposit by selecting the board you want from the list on this page and it’ll be added to your cart. After you check out, we’ll give you a call to discuss details of the board. If you’d rather we communicate by email, just let us know. In either case, ALWAYS INCLUDE YOUR PHONE NUMBER AND EMAIL IN THE ORDER’S MEMO FIELD.

We’ll give you a projected delivery date when we talk to you, and email a receipt with the total cost of the board and the balance – which isn’t due until we’re ready to deliver. Your builder will be in touch with you when the board is started, and can send you photos of the progress at regular intervals. Since each Grain board is custom built for you especially, we will ask you about options such as fins, wood pattern styles, custom laminates, and bamboo glassing. Many customizations are provided at no extra cost, but some will add to the base prices shown.

Sales tax will be added to all boards delivered in Maine, and shipping quotes will be provided to you as the board nears completion.

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