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7'6" Sapling PlyBeam Surfboard Kit- Beta Test Model

7'6" Sapling PlyBeam Surfboard Kit- Beta Test Model

$ 650.00

If you're seeing this page, you are a valued member of our board building family having built a board or two, and we’re looking to you to help us dial in something new. 

For the last couple years, we’ve been slowly experimenting with a new kit concept, one that takes all of the feedback we’ve gotten over the years and tries to find convenient work arounds for the most challenging steps of our original construction method. With several generations of prototypes behind us, pushing our CAD abilities to the limit, we’re proud to release our new PlyBeam Surfboard kit.

This kit is precision cut on our CNC machine from FSC certified marine plywood and 100% recycled plastic and it’s designed to be built by just about anyone with limited skills. We’ve done away with the need for a glue up or rocker table, no bar clamps, and no intricate railing process. Simply cut the parts out and begin assembling like a puzzle.

The “PlyBeam” keel acts like a stiffener running down the middle of the board. Assemble the frame, glass the plank puzzle joints,  clamp the planks on and apply pre-thickened epoxy to the joints and you're off and running, It’s as easy as that. With each prototype, we’ve dialed in the process and built in as many tricks as possible to eliminate the need for expensive tools and help make it a project that just about anyone can tackle. 

We’re offering just 15 of these kits on a first come first serve basis. You get a full complete kit, ready to build at a reduced price… all we ask of you is that you build the board this winter, provide us with feedback on the process and keep it on the DL (no social media for now) till we’re ready to go live. You keep the fully functional board when you're finished.

Note that there are limits on what plywood can do around the compound curves of a surfboards. While we have built a good number of these boards and they are fully functional, some surfaces may not be visibly fair aesthetically.  

You've been there with us and we appreciate your support throughout the years. We're excited about this new kit concept and the doors it could open for home builders and need you to help us dial it in. We hope you'll join us.   

Still unsure? Reach out and we can answer any questions you have, 207-457-5313 or mike@grainsurfboards.com.

The kit includes:

  1. Instruction Manual complete with images and diagrams
  2. FSC Certified Marine Grade Okume, precision cut:
    1. 3/16” Top and bottom planks
    2. ¼” Keel, frames and internal rail band
    3. Internal templates
  3. Precision cut rail bands made from 100% recycled plastic
  4. 2 Cedar Frame Locks 
  5. 15 Cedar strongbacks (5/16” x 5/8” cedar strips)
  6. 1 Tube Grizzly Glue
  7. 1 Tube Thickened Epoxy 
  8. Handful of recycled bike inner tubes
  9. Glassing Supplies (including fin rope)
  10. Vent housing and plug

Tools you will want to have on hand:

  1. 70- 2” spring clamps ($1 each at your local box store)
  2. Block plane or Spokeshave
  3. Utility knife
  4. Fine tooth saw (Japanese Saw)
  5. Hot glue gun (or 5-minute epoxy or Super Glue)
  6. Caulking Gun
  7. Roll of 1” Masking Tape
  8. Wood sanding Block and sanding sponge
  9. 40, 80 and 120 grit sandpaper
  10. 5- 3” Disposable chip brushes
  11. Pencil
  12. Ruler
  13. Pack or two of shims