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Precision Designed Rocker Lift Set- Download or Pre-Cut & Shipped

Precision Designed Rocker Lift Set- Download or Pre-Cut & Shipped

$ 110.00

Our rocker lift kits help de-mystify the building process so that you can enjoy the experience at home even more. Each kit is precision designed to the exact contours and rocker of the board you building. They are available as an immediate digital download (as a PDF) for $40 or CNC cut from birch plywood at our shop and shipped to you for $110 including shipping. 

Kits come with a series of "lifts" that represent the boards bottom contour in space directly under each frame. When these lifts are attached to your glue-up table, they define the rocker and bottom shape, making it a perfect platform for building your board, helping to ensure it comes out exactly as we designed it. Kits include an instruction manual to help you build a glue up table and assemble the rocker lifts. 

If cutting your own from our plans, we recommend minimum material thickness of 5/8". A quality, stable, void free plywood is best, but you can use MDF or other high density materials. 

Available as immediate digital downloads, or, for pre-cut lift sets allow 2- 3 weeks for delivery . 

Rocker Lift Kits are $75. Flat rate shipping of $35 is included in this price.