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FIRE SALE- Original Keel and Frame Sets- NON ARI-RAIL NOTCH

FIRE SALE- Original Keel and Frame Sets- NON ARI-RAIL NOTCH

$ 50.00

During some recent house keeping, we found a bunch of NON ARI-RAIL frame sets hidden in the racks. These frames represent our original method, whereby the frame ends represented the true shape of the rails. It required more bead and cove strips and some would say a more challenging process of railing up the board and creating the lands to accept the top planks. More info on this change we made here

As Clearance Items, theses frames are drastically reduced to below cost in order to clear them out. PLEASE NOTE that there are NO REFUNDS and NO RETURNS on these frames. What you see is what we have available. 

Each frame set includes full-scale keel and frame, CNC cut and numbered from 1/4" marine ply, nose and tail templates, construction detail notes, plus a 46 page instruction manual that covers the high points of the building process, including dims to mill your planks and rails to. Break the frames out and assemble them by number and you're off and running. 

Please note, as with all frames and plans, starting with a frame set alone is not for everyone. We believe those who will be most successful are people who already know how to build a board of this style, have tools and understand how to use them and are completely self reliant through the process. For those of you that haven't built a board like this before, and are unsure of your skill level, we’d recommend you start with a complete HomeGrown Kit which includes all of the materials you need to build a board plus a 170 page step by step instruction manual.