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Gift Certificate and Mini Hollow Wooden Surfboard Kit

Gift Certificate and Mini Hollow Wooden Surfboard Kit

$ 75.00

Give the gift of Grain Surfboards to a surfer or builder close to your heart. Having trouble deciding which board is right? Grain Surfboards Gift Certificates are the perfect option. Included with this gift certificate is a precision-cut mini surfboard kit with the Grain logo burned right in.  Your gift will be for the value selected, and the price you pay reflects an additional $25 (regularly $35) for the kit.

Each mini kit includes cedar planks, rails and frame, glue and sandpaper and can be built by just about anyone with an extra few minutes on their hands. It's a great stocking stuffer and place holder for the day that your loved one can connect with us on a real full-size surfboard.  We'll select the mini-surfboard kit at random, unless you put a request for a specific model in the Notes section at checkout.

Gift Certificates can be applied to purchase of any of our products from tools to HomeGrown Surfboard Kits, from a custom-built wooden surfboard to any of our workshops.

To gift a whole workshop, use the Workshop Gift Certificate that corresponds to the correct location.  When redeemed, location can be changed for a credit or additional charge as applicable.

Certificates are good for one year and can be redeemed through our online store or by placing an order with us on the phone. Contact us at info@grainsurfboards.com or call 207.457.5313 with any questions or to give the gift of Grain Surfboards.