A Maine Destination

It's old news to us that our board building classes have been acting as another of Maine's "charms" that attract visitors to the area. That's because we always have people from far away - often from California, and even an occasional Hawaiian or two. And in just about every class we've had recently, there have been students visiting us from other countries as well including Japan, Norway, Brazil, and Singapore.
But recently, others have noticed this out-of-state and international appeal as well, and as a result, we recently got posted on Maine Things to Do (leave a comment there if you've taken a class!) The Maine Dept of Tourism was in the shop last year, and just released a video of their visit as part of a Maine Designers series they posted on their site.
We've been really pleased with the attention that the classes have brought to Maine, and we're happy to be able to share this little corner of the state with our friends from everywhere else!
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